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About Us

Our Story

IntuiTEAve was born out of a need for relaxation and self-care during a global pandemic. I was on the frontlines working in a high-volume emergency department. My co-workers and I started having daily tea time during our 12+ hour shifts. I understood the importance of taking time to decompress and destress on a personal level. I wanted to share the feeling of relief, relaxation, a moment of joy, and the levity of dedicating time to self-care in the face of utter chaos.


I have always been an intuition driven individual. My intuition told me to make tea and help others. I began to experiment with different tea blends to enhance mood, boost immunity, and promote relaxation. I brought them to share with my co-workers during our tea times. The response was positive as I pushed forward on my journey.

Today, IntuiTEAve offers a range of herbal teas blended with care and intention. What started as self-care, a mental health break has now grown into a business where I can share my love and dedication to mental and physical wellbeing with others.


At IntuiTEAve, we take pride in crafting the highest quality herbal teas designed to help you take a moment to unwind and focus on self-care. After experiencing the stress and anxiety of working as a frontline healthcare worker during the pandemic, I knew I wanted to develop a product that helped soothe the mind and body. Each tea blend is crafted, using only the finest ingredients to create an immersive and revitalizing experience. Start experiencing the benefits of intuiTEAve's unique and delicious herbal teas.

Follow your intuition. Drink Tea. 


-Miranda Baras, Founder


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